Big Wheel Six


Thanks to the Wheel of Fortune game, Big Six or Big Six Wheel is a popular casino game known to several players. A spinning wheel containing a set of symbols or numbers and divided into equal segments is used in this game.

On the surface, it seems like a simple game, but it is much more complex than simply picking numbers. It is basically a Casino Wheel Game with six different outcomes and a total of 54 segments. Since the outcome is entirely dependent on luck, the house edge is higher than it is for many other casino games.

The Big Six Game

In addition to the Big Six, it is also called the Wheel of Fortune, Big Wheel, Lucky Wheel, and Money Wheel. The wheel begins spinning as soon as you place your wager. Six different values are assigned to each of the 54 segments that the wheel can stop on. Among the 54 segments, there are two with a Joker or logo, depending on your location. The amounts appearing regularly have the lowest payouts. Segments that rarely appear have the best payouts.

The winning segment of the wheel is marked with a piece of rubber, and the player’s total bet is multiplied by the number you chose; for example, if you chose 2, you are paid 2x your stake. If you bet red and blue, you’ll win 10x, green and purple will pay out 20x, and if you bet white or black, you’ll win 50x.


When playing casino games, you should always make sure you keep within your budget. If you’re playing any online game, you should have fun, win or lose, and enjoy the session since it’s all about luck, there’s no skill involved.

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