5 bulletproof ways to sell your home fast

The internet is full of tips and tricks on selling a property fast but we thought to really dig deep and find you the 5 key ways to sell a property fast of course without you having to reduce the price radically. Let’s get started!

dronbe footage of estate

Find the correct timing

As it is with work and holidays, real estate market also has its peak and off-seasons. The top season is the beginning of springtime peaking generally around April. The reason for this is simple. Most people get their financial situation together by April getting recovered from all the spending done in the December period and by April generally most people see how their near future will be. As the warmer season is the best when it comes to renovation works, most people want to buy their property in springtime, so that they can use summer and early autumn season for proper moving and renovation works. Therefore if you want your property to sell using a we buy your house website, you will need to list it in the beginning of springtime.

Go down with the price but only slightly

There is a big difference between selling out a property and make its price inviting enough to call attention while keeping it high enough for everyone to be aware of its value. For this, what you need is to be familiar with the real estate market in your area, or get a good real estate agent who definitely is and go a little bit under the average price. This will instantly create attention.

Use fantastic quality photos of the very best features

Representing a home by way of photographs is a hard task, and during my years in real estate I can see how many people, even real estate agents fail continuously in providing with the real deal photographs, while doing the best to correctly represent the home in the same time. Use all the positives to the advantage of the photos. Top priorities: representing space, nature aspects, outdoor possibilities, the rooms. Photos can work well to make a place look very inviting and thanks to all the Insta filters, the photos can really call attention to your property. Be careful with the cover photo and choose the very best one.

Do your research and choose the best real estate agent to sell your home

Many people don’t like real estate agents because of the commission they deduct from the price. But if you want a real effective quick work and a good price, then it’s best to leave it all on a real estate professional backed by a quality agency. This way you will also be free from tons of stress and you wont have to worry all that much about contracts and regulations as everything will be taken care of.

Get a real outstanding kitchen and bathroom if nothing else

If you want to invest money to raise the value of the property then you ought to recreate two key areas: the kitchen and the bathroom. These are the top priorities for many. Make sure the countertop looks especially spectacular and there is as much space as possible. Also include all appliances there is in the new kitchen. Make sure the bathroom is as new, equipped and shiny as possible.