5 disastrous things to avoid doing when selling your home

There are literally tons of things one can do to sell their home for a better price however in the same time, there are loads of things which however good your intentions are can have disastrous effects to your home selling project and on your final price. Let’s get to see the top 5 out of these, so that you can avoid them in the future.

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Thinking that you are a natural in terms of home selling

There are many people who think their natural abilities will make them better than a professional real estate agent. This is especially disastrous when this thought is paired up with lack of business skills, lack of any knowledge in property laws and taxes including contracts and a large dose of naivety and generally makes people lose a lot of money or become a victim of a fraud in the end. So many people start up by selling their own home simply because they do not want to pay a commission fee for the real estate agent but end up losing way more money because they lack the skills, the experience and the knowledge of a real estate professional.

Getting all too friendly with potential buyers

Some people have the belief that it’s better to make selling a personal business, so that they can basically hand over the keys of their former home to someone they know and friendly with. However, there are several skilled buyers who manage to haggle down the price and buy homes way underpriced especially because their technique is to establish a sort of an emotional connection in the seller and to initiate pity with a sob story, which would make the seller sell them the property for a way lower price than they should be paying. Many of these tricksters end up never paying the total price for the seller, especially in lack of any official contract.

Being inside the home with kids and/or pets when it comes to showing the property

There is one thing with kids and pets: only those people like them who also have kids and pets but there is a large buyer market who do not have them at all and many of them would also prefer to keep it that way. That’s why the presence of the whole family is very disturbing for them. Not to mention those who may even have an allergic reaction to pet hair. Professional real estate agents heavily advise against this and even advise the whole family to completely go out when it comes to showing the property.

Leaving everything as is by the time of showing the property

Including dirt and clutter which are natural results of living somewhere. However, most buyers want to see a clean and clear home and not wanting to feel like an intruder within the life of someone else. That’s why it’s wise to pack all clutter, clothes and personal items away and go out for the time your home is being shown.

Letting any potential buyer get directly to you when you are represented by a real estate agent

It’s wise not to let anyone directly approach you because they do so for a lower price or because they are fraudsters. If you let that happen, there is no official protection to you in case you end up not being paid the whole price of the property.