Win Win Slot by Elk Studios


ELK Studios developed Win Win, one of the game developer’s “classic” slot games. The game has three rows and three reels with 17 paylines. There are re-spins and free spins available on Win Win, which has an RTP of 96.1%.

ELK Studios tends to think outside the box when it comes to online slot games. It often creates unique themes for online slot games. Win win slot is no different.

Mobile and desktop platforms are both supported by Win Win. With fast-paced gameplay and vibrant graphics, you’ll have a blast spinning the reels on Android, iOS or Windows devices.

Win Win Slot Bonus Features

Free Spins

Three bonus symbols will trigger the free spins round when they land on the reels.

Increasing Multipliers

A random multiplier of up to 10x is applied to the bonus. Whenever a player wins, the multiplier increases (up to ten times) and when a player loses, the multiplier decreases. All bonus symbols will turn wild during this round, helping you land more wins.

Once the multiplier falls below 2x, the free spin round ends. Because there is no official limit to the number of free spins, the round could go on forever.


You can also trigger the re-spins feature if the first and third reels are identical. The two reels are locked in place while the middle reel spins three times.


It may seem like Win Win is a pretty simple slot game, but first impressions can be deceiving. There are plenty of great bonus features in this classic-style fruit machine. Quite often, you’ll trigger the re-spin bonus and if you’re lucky, you’ll win some stunning free spins.



Several state lotteries offer Keno as a game, so it is often compared to lotteries. A random number generator is used to generate the numbers for the rapid draw game.

Keno originated in China during the Han Dynasty and is of French and Latin origin. Players pick five to twenty numbers. “White dove tickets” were sent by white doves from the city to smaller villages in the 19th century.

Keno is also the subject of a legend. In it, the game saves a city from destruction during a war. As well as raising funds for the Great Wall of China, Keno is believed to have built the Golden Gate Bridge.

How to play Keno

There is a table with 1 to 80 numbers, and a player can select 1 to 10 numbers. A random number generator is used to draw 20 numbers after a player selects their ten numbers. A player wins if they match at least three numbers, but the more they match, the bigger their payout.

Keno strategies for winning

If you plan on playing Keno online, ensure that you play at a reputable online casino to receive your winnings. Take advantage of casino bonuses to further your bankroll by playing for free until you understand how Keno works.


Keno is easy to play, fun, and straightforward. In Keno, you bet on specific numbers, just as you do in other lottery-style games such as Keno and bingo.

Despite one or two variations of the game offered by most online casinos, millions of avid players worldwide enjoy it. A popular game in online casinos, Keno is steadily growing in popularity.

In terms of odds, Keno is one of the worst games to play at an online casino, according to gambling statistics.

It is still possible to win money, though, as many players have won big!