Unanimis: ?Smartphones are used to kill time, tablets are for saving time?

TabTimes, 14 Nov 2011

Orange subsidiary Unanimis advises advertisers to target affluent older consumers for tablet advertising and recommends that firms start building channels to cater for M-commerce.

Will King is from Unanimis, a UK-based advertising company which clients include theAA.com, thetrainline.com and Match.com. Unanimis has been a wholly-owned subsidiary of Orange since August 2009.

The company provides research data on mobile advertising and King revealed some of the latest statistics when speaking at an Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) event in London late last week.

At present, 41% of the UK market consumes media on a smartphone, versus 7% for tablet, with King claiming that tablets are for older, more affluent people. ?This is where you should be looking, as advertisers?, said the Unanimis spokesman.

King?s study also highlighted a disparity on data for smartphone and tablet owners. He said that 100% of UK smartphone owners have 3G connectivity, compared to just 24% of tablet owners. King explained that this explains why people consume 95% of tablet content in the home, and just 18% on the bus or train.

?We think that smartphones are used to kill time, while tablets are to save time?, said King. The Unaminis spokesman said that, as a result of the rise of the tablet, 70% of consumers use their PC less, but stressed that the tablet is purely complementary to the smartphone.

King also advised advertisers to develop a product for M-commerce as he said that that 61% of people pay for something on their tablet, compared to 28% for smartphone users.

Unanimis sampled mobile behaviour use for the report, which noted tablets for the first time this year, thanks to the increase of critical mass. The data officially launches of 29th November.

By Doug Drinkwater

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