Mock the digital week 16.05.14

London, 16 May, 2014

You start suspecting it’s a slow news week when Wired runs a feature on “America’s gruesome history of botched executions.” Wired usually likes to focus on more creative uses of technology, especially electricity. Still, it only goes to show that there’s a fine line between high-minded futurism and The National Enquirer. (Though actually, now we come to think of it, the latter isn’t exactly a tech free zone.)

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Mock the digital week 09.05.14

London, 9 May, 2014

Our word for the day (and, in fact, for the whole week) is IFTTT. This isn’t the sound you get when a Superhero knocks the air out of one of the Bad Guys. It is, in fact, the flavour of now. It stands for “if this then that” and this mantra has been worked up into a “digital tool” for stitching together your disparate apps across multiple platforms to create one patchwork whole.

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Mock the digital week 02.05.14

London, 2 May, 2014

Come with us, if you dare, while we “hunt down wolves” on the mean streets of the Darknet. If wolves may be said to strut their stuff on mean streets, that is. We’re not entirely sure. Because, to tell the truth, we’re perhaps overstating our case here. The real wolf-hunter-in-chief is the epically-named Troels Oerting, a man now renowned, thanks to The Register, as Europe’s top cyber cop.

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Mock the digital week 25.04.14

London, 25 April, 2014

Mock the Digital Week 25.4.14 (including bits of last week too, what with it being Easter and everything)

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Unanimis at The Drum Digital Trading Awards

London, 24 April, 2014

Process, structures, late night working, meetings that make you wish the earth would gobble you up … Let’s face it, not everything about agency

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life is good. But on awards nights, the digital industry’s energy and ambition is something special.

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Opinion: Tesco, Big Data and the rise of the Chief Data Officer

London, 23 April, 2014

Steve Laws, Head of Data & Insights, Unanimis

From an ad market perspective, the timing of Dunnhumby’s acquisition of Sociomantic on the second-to-last day of Advertising Week Europe 2014 was, arguably, gloriously ironic.

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Mock the digital week – 11.04.14

London, 11 April, 2014

This week sometime advertising executive (she put in a shift or two at Grey) Maria Miller enriched her CV by also becoming an ex-Culture-Secretary.

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Mock the digital week: Around the week in 80 hours – 04.04.14 *

London, 4 April, 2014

It has been a week dominated (in theory at least) by Advertising Week Europe 2014. Spread across a handful of venues in the general (and there is no polite way of putting this) BAFTA area, it featured 40-plus presentations a day on everything from the role of women in advertising to the nuts and bolts of Programmatic advertising.

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Opinion: Busting the myths around Programmatic by Will King

2 April 2014

It’s surely time to bust some myths about Programmatic advertising once and for all. Programmatic, as everyone must surely be aware now, is very much the issue of 2014 in digital advertising. It has already loomed large on several conference agendas – and that trend is absolutely set to continue in the coming months.

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